Letter from a College OPTIONS/UC Davis ETS Alum

Dear College OPTIONS,

I want to thank you for what ultimately got me to where I am today.


Since going to college and talking to other students/families, I realize how lucky I was to get the help/guidance from College OPTIONS/UC Davis Educational Talent Search. I truly thank whoever it was that recommended me to that class back in 7/8th grade at Sequoia Middle School. It changed everything for me.


I learned that most students at the university level understand the benefits and requirements of college from their parents/family members. That was not something I had, despite having great parents. But College OPTIONS gave me that. Even if I didn’t get into vet school, just being a college graduate has opened so many doors for me and revealed a different world.


College OPTIONS also gave me a scholarship for the full amount to attend COSMOS at UC Davis the summer before my senior year of high school. This program was extremely instrumental for me because I made one of the most important connections I have made for my veterinary goals so far. The professor of my classes for the program was/is a professor at the vet school. He has been a HUGE help throughout undergrad and has written letters of recommendation for my vet school apps. Without the help of College OPTIONS, I would have never met him.


I hope that others feel the same way I do. Such a great program!


Sarah Powers


UC Davis Educational Talent Search alum

(Sequoia Middle School/Shasta High School/UC Davis)