Shasta County G.U.T.S Summer Trip

Eighty College Options GEAR UP students from 10 different Shasta County schools came together for an all-day college field trip on June 10th. Students were picked-up early in the morning and traveled first to visit California State University, Chico.  A presentation, tours of the campus and lunch were all part of the experience.  The opportunity for students to make choices for a lunch on campus was overwhelmingly popular.


The group next traveled to Oroville for a tour of the Barry R. Kishner Wildlife Sanctuary, and despite the heat the students greatly enjoyed the experience.  The tour included an explanation of how the animals came to the sanctuary and information about each particular animal.  At the end, the students were all brought together to learn more about a few animals that they also could touch.  The students and adult chaperones had some great expressions as well as comments like, “I have never touched that big of a snake before!”


Butte Community College was also a success as the final stop of the day, with an opening presentation on the advantages of going to a junior college, and all that Butte College had to offer.  Current college students led tours of the campus, and ended the day by bringing everyone together for a closing activity.  A lot of students were impressed by what Butte, and community colleges in general, have to offer.


The students arrived safely back home with a colorful GUTS (Gear Up Towards Success) cinch bag, a Chico State t-shirt, and new ideas of possible post-secondary options.