Siskiyou County Students Visit CSU Chico & Butte College

At CSU Chico, students enjoyed a fall inspired campus tour, dinning at Sutter Hall, and team building activities throughout the day. For many students, this visit was their first time on a college campus. Students appreciated the classic and modern architecture, the fall colors, and seeing the excitement of students, clubs and organizations. Students asked questions, and began to imagine themselves as a college student.

“This opportunity is wonderful for our students who have never been on a CSU campus before”, explained College OPTIONS Advisor, Kory Hayden. Programs like College Options, help students from rural areas make informed decisions as they create their own college pathway.

At Butte, the admissions staff, including Brad Zuniga, Director of Recruitment and Outreach, greeted the students.

“Butte made a great impression right away,” explained Hayden. “Students enjoyed ice-cream sundaes, and were really inspired by the new ARTS Theater”.

At Butte, Zuniga presented an overview of the college, including the newest programs and additions, followed by a financial comparison between UC, CSU and Community Colleges.

“Zuniga’s presentation is valuable information for our students. He talked¬†about the BOG Fee Waiver and transfer options, which really resonated with our students. It was great to see our students pull out their notebooks and begin taking notes at Butte,” said Hayden.

As Butte ambassadors led small groups through campus, students asked questions and engaged with tour leaders. “Our 46 students were very brave today,” said Hayden. “They signed up for a great trip, they talked with people they had never met before, they asked questions, and on the way home on the bus, these students were really thinking about their future.