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Where to Look for Scholarships

Where To Start Looking For Scholarships

It May Seem Overwhelming, But There Are A Few Smart Places To Start Looking For Scholarships

Most high schools have one general scholarship application they use to consider you for numerous local scholarships. Some high schools post scholarship opportunities online, others have a printout in their counseling office.  Check the lists frequently as they get updated often.

Ask your school office for more information.

Make sure you attend your school’s financial aid information night (November-December) and Cash for College workshop (January-February).

Once you apply to one scholarship, you can easily import your answers into the other scholarship applications.  The local scholarships using this system are:

Scholarships at these levels can be very large, but they can also be very competitive.  For large, competitive scholarships, the applications can be as early as October of your senior year.​

University of California
​The application for admission is used for scholarships as well (another reason to put extra effort info the essays!)

California State University
​Scholarship application is separate from admission application.  Go to the campus’ website and type “scholarship” into their search field.  Typically scholarships are handled by the financial aid office.

Private Universities
​Some colleges use the application for admission (like UC), others require separate applications (like CSU); some, like Simpson University, offer scholarships simply for applying early and/or submitting the FAFSA by a particular deadline.

Community Colleges
YES!  Community colleges have scholarships to offer.  Look for information on their financial aid webpage.  Apply for the Board of Governor’s Grant (BOGG) Fee Waiver application (available on the college’s financial aid website) – takes two minutes to fill out.

Create a personalized profile and you will be emailed links to possible scholarships.  Consider creating a particular email address for your scholarship search engine profiles; check at least weekly (you WILL get a tremendous amount of mail from these engines).

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